Find out about ‘canine years,’ consuming grass and different myths about canines

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On this week’s column and the following, I assumed it may well be a good suggestion to discuss some not unusual misconceptions about pets. This week we’ll be aware of canines and we’ll apply up with cats subsequent time.

Let’s get started with canines consuming grass and whether or not you must be involved. To start with, this quite common and no longer normally a purpose for alarm. Many of us suppose that consuming grass is an indication of an disappointed abdomen, this isn’t essentially true.

Whilst the chloroform in grass most definitely does assist settle a canine’s abdomen, he might simply be consuming it as a result of he can, or, just because it’s a laugh. I’ve a number of tall grasses in my very own backyard that my canines love. My sheepdog at all times is going immediately to it when her abdomen is disappointed after which normally proceeds to toss it again up a couple of mins later. 

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