Is Illinois A Canine State Or Cat State? Let’s Test The Numbers

I by no means would have concept to dig into this subject if a chum from out of state hadn’t lately (and rather randomly) requested me if Rockford is a canine or cat the city, and what Illinois other folks wish to have striking round the home within the puppy class.

I identified that I shouldn’t have the spare time required to knock on each door on the town (or the state, which I feel would take longer) and ask to look the resident animals, so as an alternative of that, I’d do a little digging.

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It Turns out As Even though Pets Of Any Type Are No longer As Standard In Illinois As They Are In Many Different States

Then again, I had concept that if requested what share of American families have a minimum of one puppy, my bet can be at round 75%–which is much off.

The newest Puppy Possession & Demographic Find out about by way of the American Veterinary Scientific Affiliation (AVMA) presentations that about 57% of US families come with a minimum of one puppy. That find out about issues out that canine are the most well liked pets in the USA, adopted carefully by way of cats. This has been true since 1987, and most probably since ahead of then, too.

However, pets are extra well-liked in some states than they’re in others.

Illinois Is Amongst The Least Puppy Proudly owning States, No longer The Maximum

In step with the AVMA, the highest ten states for puppy possession (in conjunction with the share of families with a puppy) are:

  1. Wyoming (72%)
  2. West Virginia (71%)
  3. Idaho (70%)
  4. Vermont (70%)
  5. Indiana (69%)
  6. Arkansas (69%)
  7. Mississippi (66%)
  8. Oklahoma (65%)
  9. Kentucky (64%)
  10. North Dakota (64%)

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And the least:

  1. Georgia (51.1%)
  2. Connecticut (49.9%)
  3. New York (49.7%)
  4. Massachusetts (49.1%)
  5. Illinois (48.6%) 32.4% personal a canine, 21% have a cat
  6. Maryland (48.6%)
  7. New Jersey (47.4%)
  8. South Dakota (46.4%)
  9. Rhode Island (45.4%)
  10. District of Columbia (38.2%)

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