Hungarian Vizslas: Details, Character, Temperament, Measurement

Each and every month we can be shining a gentle on other canine breeds in our collection, Canine Breed of the Month. Subsequent up, we have a look at clever and lively Hungarian Vizslas. Stay studying for the whole thing you want to understand…

“Hungarian Vizslas could make an impressive better half for house owners who experience an lively way of life,” Invoice Lambert, a spokesperson for The Kennel Membership, says. “They’re a extremely highbrow and lively breed so want a number of psychological and bodily stimulation.”

hungarian viszla facts

hungarian viszla facts

What have been Hungarian Vizslas at first bred for?

It is idea that Hungarian Vizslas descend from looking canine utilized by the Magyars, who settled Hungary greater than 1000 years in the past. Regularly referred to as Hungarian Tips, those unswerving and vigorous domestic dogs have been stored by means of refugees after just about going extinct within the battle.

Invoice tells us: “The Hungarian Vizsla historically labored in falconry at the central plains of Hungary, with proof suggesting their talents can have been utilised as early because the 14th century! The breed just about went extinct throughout the Global Wars, alternatively, travelling refugees from Hungary took their canine with them which means the breed continues to thrive lately.”

Are Hungarian Vizslas excellent pets?

Sure, Hungarian Vizslas are social and pleasant canine, identified for forming robust bonds with their house owners. If truth be told, they frequently undergo with separation nervousness if they’re left on my own as they love human consideration such a lot and feature earned the nickname ‘Velcro canine’ as a result of they prefer to stay as regards to their house owners.

“Having a full of life and really affectionate personality, Vizslas make a spirited dog better half who love lively play – making them a excellent possibility for households with lively kids,” Invoice continues. “Because of their historical past of quite a lot of bodily actions, they do require a variety of workout (over two hours an afternoon), stimulation and a bigger lawn and dwelling house.”

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What are the traits of Hungarian Vizslas?

In line with the Kennel Membership, Vizslas have a tendency to be extremely smart, obedient and affectionate, making them a beautiful better half who will also be simply skilled in the precise atmosphere. In addition to this, they have got an above-average studying skill and a powerful want to be with other folks.

What dog actions do Hungarian Vizslas excel at?

“The breed’s aggregate of athleticism and willingness to be informed makes them ideally suited for actions akin to agility, box trials and obedience,” Invoice tells CL. “The Hungarian Vizslas herbal class way in addition they can excel within the display ring, and the breed took house the celebrated ‘Perfect in Display’ name at Crufts in 2010!”

Different issues Hungarian Vizslas are excellent at come with:

  • Looking and box paintings
  • Outside adventuring
  • Odor detection
  • Carrier canine
  • Within the display ring
  • As a contest canine for agility, obedience or monitoring
    hungarian viszla


    7 lesser-known info about Hungarian Vizslas

    Different issues Hungarian Vizsla house owners will have to know come with:

    1. They’re born with blue eyes
    2. Their chic coat is of course easy and their nails are quick, so they just require grooming as soon as per week
    3. They’re medium sized canine, normally at 57-64cm for male canine, and 53-60 cm for feminine
    4. They’re recognisable by means of their unique russet gold coat
    5. Hungarian Vizslas are extremely rapid, with some research announcing they may be able to achieve as much as 40mph
    6. They are extremely clever domestic dogs
    7. In spite of being bred for looking, Hungarian Vizslas are extremely blank canine
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