How Professional Dog Hotels Ensure the Safety of Your Furry Friend

Dog hotels are an excellent solution for pet owners who must leave their furry friends for extended periods. They can provide your pup with comfortable accommodations and regular feeding schedules.

Before you choose a dog hotel, make sure to ask about their health and safety standards. Also, check that your pet’s vaccinations are up-to-date.

Vaccination Requirements

Being a dog parent isn’t all tummy rubs and long walks in the park. It also involves scooping poop and keeping your furry family member healthy.

For example, if your dog attends a pet hotel, daycare, or kennel for boarding, you must ensure their vaccinations are current. Vaccines like (kennel cough) vaccine are required at most facilities to prevent the spread of germs from one dog to another.

Other “core” vaccines include rabies, distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, and parainfluenza. If your dog has a special diet, be sure to let the hotel know about it beforehand. They can prepare your pup’s meals with various ingredients and options. Some pet hotels offer grooming services for an additional fee.

Check-In and Check-Out Procedures

Dog hotels offer more services than kennels and can provide a better experience for your pet. They typically have larger spaces for dogs to stay in and can include more activities for them to enjoy.

The staff at dog hotels have been trained to care for pets. They will take the time to get to know your pet and understand its personality, needs, and habits.

They will also ensure that your pet’s vaccinations and records are current. During check-in, you should inform them about your dog’s food, medication, and exercise needs. It would help to leave your pet with a familiar toy or piece of clothing with your scent, which will help reduce stress during their stay.

Individual Rooms

Additionally, dog hotel Denver typically offers overnight boarding services for pet owners who are out of town or unable to care for their dogs. Depending on the facility, these hotels may also provide dog daycare and services such as supervised playtime and regular exercise runs.

Most pet hotels are more like a resort than traditional kennels. They offer various pet services and can even provide specialized care for anxiety or behavioral issues.

Before a stay, it’s recommended that pet parents take their dogs to the hotel for a “meet and greet” session. This will help their pups become familiar with the staff and the environment, making them more comfortable during their visit. They’ll also be able to meet other pets and get used to this new place in a safe and supervised way.

Daily Exercise

In addition to providing accommodations and services, dog hotels typically offer daily exercise runs, playtime, and grooming services. They also may give unique dietary or medical treatments as necessary.

Some pet hotels even feature webcams, so owners can check on their pets while they’re away. Others offer daycare services, which are ideal for busy pet parents.

Another critical difference between kennels and dog hotels is that pet hotels offer more space for dogs to move around in, as opposed to the narrow areas of a kennel. This can help them feel less anxious and lonely while away from their owners. It can also prevent them from getting into fights with other pets.


Dog hotels can be more luxurious than kennels, with facilities offering spacious accommodations and a variety of amenities. They also typically have a lower staff-to-dog ratio than traditional boarding services. Ask the hotel about their monitoring procedures and how they deal with emergencies or medical needs that may arise while your pet is staying there.

Dog hotels also offer various services, such as daycare, grooming, and training classes. To help prepare your pet for a stay at a dog hotel, gradually expose them to new environments and people, practice obedience commands, and leave familiar items for comfort. Following these tips ensures your pet will enjoy a safe and fun visit to a professional dog hotel.

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