37 Largest Misconceptions About Other folks’s Jobs

37 Largest Misconceptions About Other folks’s Jobs37 Largest Misconceptions About Other folks’s Jobs


“I’m an ordained feminine, Christian clergy member, and there are a number of misconceptions about my task. On the best of that checklist is that I best paintings Sundays, write sermons, and do weddings, funerals, and baptisms. Any other false impression is that I’m meant to ‘act’ and glance a definite method, or that I am going to take a look at to transform you. On reasonable, I paintings 60 hours every week, get at some point off every week, and receives a commission simply over $20,000 a yr. I am required to have a graduate-level training with intensive coaching in Greek and Hebrew, but additionally extremely intense pastoral care coaching. I am getting telephone calls in any respect hours to head see somebody who’s death or somebody in a disaster — a few of the ones disaster scenarios can contain self-harm, home abuse, attack, addictions. You identify it, I’ve noticed it. Even on our time without work, we’re ceaselessly eager about work-related stuff as a result of our to-do checklist is unending, together with our dedication to ongoing learn about.”

“Any other false impression is that we simply sit down round sipping tea and consuming cake during the week whilst visiting your gran, or sit down on some ‘heavenly cloud’ in contemplation. I want! Twelve of my operating hours every week are spent simply on admin and conferences. The remainder of my time is spent on conferences, coaching, analysis, neighborhood engagement, skilled building, operating with social businesses, social justice tasks, and extra. Sermons are smartly researched and idea out, however now not dedicated to paper till Saturday or Sunday morning as a result of I run out of time within the week. 

“And so far as how I glance and act: I’ve a nostril piercing, had a pink-and-black fake hawk for ages, force a motorbike, put on make-up, and prefer my tune loud. IDGAF if I don’t meet somebody else’s expectancies of the way a minister will have to glance as a result of I’m skilled, worrying, and hardworking, and I take my duties severely. I want other folks knew that the majority clergy participants are customary people who find themselves overeducated and simply wish to exchange the sector for the easier.

*The above is an summary of our paintings pre-COVID. Our paintings doubled in duties and depth from 2020 till now!*